The Search and Rescue Experts Group (SAR EG) is organized under the EPPR Working Group to promote the implementation of the SAR Agreement. The EG is comprised of subject matter experts (SMEs).

By focusing on enhancing cooperation, highlighting best practices, exchanging information, analyzing results of exercises, and sharing lessons learned, the SAR EG supports the EPPR WG in creating a repository for lessons learned in Arctic SAR exercises and incidents.

The specific goal of the expert group is to identify key lessons of Arctic incidents and exercises and communicate/disseminate effective practices and necessary mitigation or remedial actions to the ministerial level, Member States and other relevant international bodies.

The expert group supports existing operational fora dealing with Arctic SAR issues by leveraging high-level engagement from government and scientific institutions.

The SAR EG reports to the EPPR as a guiding body. The EG will collaborate with other bodies, fora, working groups and academia to compile, identify, analyze and disseminate pertinent recommendations and needs related to Arctic SAR issues.

The SAR EG will evaluate exercise and live incident reports for common themes identified in lessons learned, and disseminate mitigation recommendations as appropriate.

The SAR EG will support different operational fora in their action-oriented efforts, including SAR exercises.

Furthermore, the EG will share findings from – and influence the direction of – research and development in academia and industry to reduce, prevent and/or respond to the impact of SAR incidents in the Arctic.

The Experts Group is chaired on two-year terms by a representative from one of the EPPR Members States, which may be the EPPR Member State holding the current Arctic Chairmanship, or as recommended by the Experts Group through consensus approval of the EPPR.

The Arctic Council signed the Arctic SAR Agreement in 2011.


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